How to Prevent Obesity

stop obesityBeing obese can make simple tasks such as walking, cleaning, washing or even landscaping┬áto be quite tough. It can reduce your self-esteem and make one shy off from their people. Your health should be your biggest concern if you are obese. Overweight and obesity have been linked to conditions such as cancer, Coronary Heart Disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, among others. While obesity can be dealt with, it is more important to work on preventing it. Here is how you can prevent obesity. Continue reading “How to Prevent Obesity”

Best Physical Exercises to Burn Fat

free from obeseIs there anything like the ‘right exercise’ or ‘best exercise’ to focus on a certain body part? With numerous types of exercises and their variation out there, it is hard to settle into one that suits your need. The process of picking the right exercise starts with deciding what you want to achieve. Once you do, you can narrow it down to a few exercise. If you want to burn the fat in your body and reduce your weight, here are our top physical exercises picks. Continue reading “Best Physical Exercises to Burn Fat”

Healthy Eating Tips to Prevent Childhood Obesity

eat healthyChild obesity is very prevalent today. Family history has often been cited as a cause but today’s lifestyle is perhaps the reason why childhood obesity is on the rise. Kids are spending most of their time watching TV or on mobile devices today. This has reduced physical activity thus causing obesity. Their food and drink choices are also affecting their weight. While parents have a huge role to play in helping their children have the right weight, schools also have a part as children spend most of their time there. What therefore needs to be done to prevent childhood obesity? Continue reading “Healthy Eating Tips to Prevent Childhood Obesity”

Risk Factors Involved in Being Overweight

obesObesity is not an external or superficial problem. It should not. Obesity and overweight are known to increase blood pressure, with high blood pressure being the leading cause of stroke. Excess weight also increases the chance of developing other problems that are linked to high cholesterol, strokes, high blood sugar and heart diseases. Being overweight or obese causes many health-related issues especially for adults. Here are some of the risk factors involved in being overweight. Continue reading “Risk Factors Involved in Being Overweight”

Understanding the Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

test diabetesDiabetes, a lifelong condition with two types, raises someone’s sugar levels. Type 2 diabetes is more prevalent than type 1. If you have diabetes, your body will find it hard to break glucose down into energy. If you do not diagnose diabetes early enough, it will become worse progressively and pose a significant threat to your health. You, therefore, need to see a doctor the moment you notice any diabetes symptoms. Here are some of the most common diabetes symptoms. Continue reading “Understanding the Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes”