How to Prevent Obesity

stop obesityBeing obese can make simple tasks such as walking, cleaning, washing or even landscaping to be quite tough. It can reduce your self-esteem and make one shy off from their people. Your health should be your biggest concern if you are obese. Overweight and obesity have been linked to conditions such as cancer, Coronary Heart Disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, among others. While obesity can be dealt with, it is more important to work on preventing it. Here is how you can prevent obesity.

1.       Get active

Obesity can be caused by physical inactivity in our lives. We live in an environment that might not encourage physical activity. Everything has been automated making us lazier. We drive to work and spend the entire day seated. Incorporate activities that will get you more physically active into your daily routine. Start walking more and take the stairs instead of the elevator more often. Join a sports club in the community or sign up for the gym. Try and be physically active for a minimum 30 minutes every day.

2.       Check the portion size

The portion size that we eat influence the energy balance in our body and ultimately affect our weight. Taking larger portion sizes especially in restaurants and fast foods can cause obesity. Weigh or measure the foods if you need to. Make sure you understand the portion size and do not eat more than the required portion.

3.       Avoid junk

Almost everyone knows that sugary drinks and high-fat foods are one of the leading causes of obesity. They contain lots of calories and fat even in small portions. Removing such foods and drinks from your diet means that you will be consuming fewer calories and fat. This move can see you prevent obesity.

4.       Eat more vegetables and fruits

Once you cut back on the sugary drinks and high-fat food intake, replace them with vegetables and fruits. Researchers recommend up to five or six fresh fruit and vegetable servings every day. Include raw vegetables, cooked vegetables, and vegetable juice in your diet. Replace the fizzy drinks with fruit juice and water.

5.       Eat High Fibre Foods

fibreOpt for high fiber foods instead of highly processed foods to prevent obesity. Whole wheat bread and brown rice are good examples of high fiber foods. Such foods have little fat and few calories, yet they will keep you full as they are digested slowly. Whole grains have nutrients such as vitamin B6 and magnesium too.

6.       Keep track of yourself

You need to monitor your weight, height, waist circumference and body mass index. That will help you notice when you start getting overweight allowing you to review and change your lifestyle. If you have kids, ensure that you track their growth too.

Preventing obesity will save you from the risk of getting diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other heart conditions. It will also boost your image and confidence. While working on preventing obesity, you will get a chance of improving your wellness as well as extend your life.

Writen by Bernard