One of the biggest health concern in the world is obesity and overweight. It is no longer an adult problem as our kids are getting overweight too. Studies show that 20% of American children are obese. Video games, the internet, TV and fast foods are to blame for this trend. In America, the rate of obesity has skyrocketed in recent years and shown no sign of slowing down.

Americas are dealing with problems that are often related to obesity such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and other ailments. This calls for the need to eat healthily and become physically active. This blog shall talk about diabetes, its prevention, diagnosis and how to eat healthily. Obesity is an issue that can be solved with a simple increase in activity and awareness.

We shall explore the causes of obesity and overweight for kids and adult alike. The blog will look at some of the causes of overweight and obesity that are in our control as well as those that are not. You will get to learn the health conditions that cause obesity as well as how our environment contributes to obesity today.

We will then proceed to show you the risk factors involved in being overweight. Being overweight or obese has been linked with increasing the risk of some often fatal conditions. We shall explore these conditions that have been shown to affect obese and overweight people.

Diabetes is one of the conditions associated with obesity. If not detected and dealt with early enough, diabetes can cause severe damage to you including loss of sight. The signs and symptoms of diabetes may seem normal sometimes, and we will seek to help you understand these symptoms better. This will arm you with information to guard you against both types of diabetes.

While you perhaps know the effects and risk factors involved with obesity, do they know how to determine if one is obese? The blog will give you a comprehensive breakdown on how one can determine whether they are obese or overweight. We shall give you the foolproof process.

Obesity is preventable, and this blog will show you how. We will take you through the lifestyle changes that help you avoid obesity and the problems that come with it. We will show you how decisions that you make on a daily basis determines how high your BMI and waist circumference are.

With so many young people obese today, we sought to find out what needs to be done to reverse this trend. We learned that parents and schools have a huge role to play in making the next generation healthier and fitter. We will share with you how we all can help prevent childhood obesity.

We will also share with you tips on how to deal with obesity. This usually involves a lifestyle change, home remedies, and training exercises. We will share with you all these tricks and more.

This blog seeks to help you make the right lifestyle decisions to combat overweight and obesity. We believe that we all can influence somebody and make our world healthier. It all start with sharing the information that we gather.